Outreach in African Studies

Outreach Coordinator: Olaynika Olagbegi-Adegbite
Contact Information: outreach@africa.wisc.edu

African Studies includes regional, diasporic, and cultural studies related to all parts of the African continent.

Inspired and guided by the Wisconsin Idea, the African Studies Program shares the expertise, talents, and scholarship of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to promote the study of Africa in schools and communities across Wisconsin. We are proud of our legacy as pioneers in African Studies outreach in the Upper Midwest, and we look forward to great future partnerships with educators, business leaders, and communities.

Outreach and Educational Resources for African Studies

Visit the African Studies Outreach page to see the full scope of our outreach programming.

Outreach Scholars, Invite an Outreach Scholar for a classroom presentation

African Studies Lending Collection, Africa-related books, films, and cultural items for teachers and schools

Day in Africa, This annual high school event provides opportunities to learn more languages and cultures of Africa.

Additional Resources, Digital and local resource listings