Outreach in Middle Eastern Studies

Outreach Coordinator: Tsela Barr

Contact Information: 608- 262-5666 or csbarr@wisc.edu

Middle East Studies includes countries and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Middle East Studies Program at UW-Madison offers a wide range of valuable resources and expertise to students, faculty, K-12 educators, community college instructors, and the larger community, for a better understanding of the various realities of this rich region and its connections to the global context.

Outreach and Educational Resources for Middle East Studies

Visit the Middle East Studies Outreach page to see the full scope of our outreach programming.

Instructor Resources, Content and supporting materials for classroom use.

Outreach Speakers, Invite a speaker to visit your classroom.

Language Resources, Tools to facilitate learning Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew.

Topic Studies, Resources for history, culture, arts, and more.