WIRC Member Events & Related Programming

Initiatives and Events listed below are the product of single WIRC-member units or smaller collaborations, covering fewer world regions within a single program or event. Although more limited in terms of global reach, these programs provide opportunities for focused engagement.

These cultural kits are available on loan, free of charge, to educators and community organizations for classroom or event use. Click on the links below to explore the offerings from WIRC Members! Please make requests directly with the Outreach Coordinator for the sponsoring center.

African Studies Discovery Boxes

South Asia Discovery Boxes

Environmental Crisis, Development, and Human Rights in South Asia: Past and Present – An online workshop for educators seeking new ways of addressing the climate crisis.

Supporting materials will be provided for all attendees. K-12 and Community College Educators: early registrants will be entered into a drawing for free book bundles containing materials recommended by our panelists! Register by July 1 to enter!

Featured speakers include:

Deepa Badrinarayana (Professor, Dale E. Fowler School of Law, Chapman University) – topics will address ongoing work with environmental law and human rights in South Asia

Shobhana Chelliah (Distinguished Professor of Linguistics and Associate Dean of Research and Advancement at the College of Information, University of North Texas) – topics may include Indigenous and endangered language documentation in South Asia and the mounting crisis climate change poses to minoritized language communities

Thomas Crowley (PhD Candidate in Geography, Rutgers University and author of Fractured Forest, Quartzite City: A History of Delhi and Its Ridge) – topics may include the environmental history of Delhi and its contemporary relevance, or the intersection of caste, development, and the disproportionate impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities.